About Two Plumbers

The Origin Story

There's some debate to when the idea for Two Plumbers came about. If you ask Robert, Nick, or Adam they'll probably tell some different version of the following: It was a dream forged during a road trip in a 1978 VW Westfalia camper to Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska, Wisconsin, and Illinois that took place in 2010. Robert clearly remembers telling everyone that we should take our brewing professional, and open up a brewery on one side and arcade on the other. 

On the other hand, Nick swears (and Adam agrees) that it was a fever dream brought on from huffing gas fumes from the aforementioned 1978 VW Bus, and that no discussion was made during the Great Middle Coast Beer Tour - outside of which one of us was driving and where we were stopping to eat after the exhaustive list of brewery tours.

The reality is that is probably, partially true. Pair that with John's passion for brewing and attention to detail and Robert's history of video game fandom you start to see where this is going. With both of them getting laid off, a decision was made after much research to put together a plan and go for it.


Brewery + Arcade Owner / Animator


Brewmaster / Microbiologist

6 thoughts on “About Two Plumbers

  1. Stopped by today and John is so awesome! I have more respect for the “behind the scenes” than I ever could have imagined! I had been there once and had a very impressive beer- but the customer service and level of passion is why I am SOLD! Great job guys!

  2. An old school guy from the bay area. The arcades were worldly known. To the point of a Marque sign that had high scores listed. This made it a location to play the game because you wanted “you’re name in lights”. What that meant was, you had to be there to watch who beat you(or your home phone rang to tell you, “You just got beat”) and then you took revenge by coming back to play. Love the idea you guys have going. I’ll look for the Marque in lights. Peace! DC

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